What is a Product Section in Tandora Knowledge Base account?

Oct 06, 2021 | Views: 6


  • Product section is to distinguish your Knowledge Base into different Product or Service that you're offering to your customers.
  • If there are multiple products / services offered, then you can create each one of them as a product and add relevant categories and sub categories under the same.

For example, Tandora offers three different products which are

  1. Tandora Knowledge Base
  2. Tandora Chatbot
  3. Tandora Changelog

So we have created them as 3 different products and have added the relevant categories and sub categories under them, under which each articles can be associated.

  • Structuring the Knowledge Base is very important and so we've given 3 level classifications of Tandora Knowledge Base into

  • Articles will be added under Sub-Categories and each article will have 3 layers over it which are Sub-Categories, Categories and a Product.
  • If you're looking to create a new Product, click here

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