How to setup Zapier Integration ?

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We are delighted to release Zapier Integration for Tandora Changelog. Zapier helps automate posting of changelog/updates from Tandora Changelog to any of the apps supported by Zapier, on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Similarly, whenever there is a new post/tweet on Facebook/Twitter or any of the supported apps in Zapier, a new changelog can be created in Tandora Changelog using Zapier Integration. 

Zapier Integration is an add-on that needs to be purchased separately. It is not available by default in the Startup plan. Please send a mail to with a short description of how you plan to use Zapier Integration to know about pricing.

How to set up Zapier Integration?

  • We will activate the addon after you purchase it by contacting our support.
  • You will receive a mail when the addon gets activated.
  • After this, go to this link.
  • Check the active box.
  • You can post Changelogs to Zapier in two scenarios.
    • Whenever a changelog is created or
    • When changelog is published for the first time.
  • In the dropdown below the Zapier trigger scenario, choose the appropriate scenario. Only for this scenario, changelog will be sent to Zapier.
  • Click the Copy API Key button.
  • Now click submit.

Note: Before clicking on submit, make sure you have copied the API Key by clicking the Copy API Key button.


Conside the following scenario

  • Zapier trigger scenario is set to -> whenever a changelog is created
  • Publish Now is unchecked during changelog creation

Then the created changelog will not be visible to zapier and accessing the changelog will throw 404.  In this scenario, you can

  • You can check to publish now option while creating the changelog or
  • You can change the Zapier trigger scenario to send data to Zapier whenever the changelog is published for the first time. 

Tandora changelog for Zapier is available at the following link:

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